Three of the Most Common Mobile App Monetization Models

Experts at mobile app development have made it possible for just about anyone to turn an interesting idea into a finished product. In some cases, the goal of a mobile application development project will be to merely create a new app that serves a particular set of users very well.

In many others, the point of app development will instead be to generate a commercially viable product that can repay the investment made into it. Working with an app developer like Shiverware who understands how best to generate revenue from a particular project will always make it easier to achieve such goals.

Many Ways to Monetize Apps, Each With Its Own Strengths and Benefits

It can never be taken for granted that even a uniquely appealing or useful app will actually turn a profit. While focusing on product quality and features will always be important, selecting an appropriate monetization model is inevitably a crucial step, as well. Some of the approaches that are most commonly employed with success in practice include:


Up-front purchase. Not so long ago, software aimed at end users was almost always licensed through one-time payments made up front. While that can still be an appropriate approach for certain mobile apps, this style of revenue generation is nowhere near as common as it used to be. Even so, an iOS developer who is able to identify a particularly suitable opportunity to use up-front purchasing can be a valuable partner to have.

Ad-supported. Many mobile apps are given away entirely free, with advertisements within them providing revenue to their owners. An application developer who regularly works with this model will be able to make revenue-boosting adjustments and modifications along the way. While relying solely on ads for revenue might seem like compromising, some of the most profitable modern apps stick to this source of income.

In-app upgrades. An intermediate solution that can also be mixed in with other approaches enables app users to pay for upgrades to an app that is obtained for free. That might mean being able to put an end to advertisements or to activate advanced features, but this can be a profitable approach, as well.

The Best Developers Understand How to Make Apps Profitable

As those who visit will see, being able to assess such options as they apply to particular projects is a valuable skill for any developer to have. App creators who end up working with such partners will always be much more likely to produce the kinds of financial results that most hope for.